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Ginger St. Cyr, is a former fashion model that walked the runways of Paris, Milan, and London. Ms. St. Cyr is now a visual consultant. She is available for private consulting on a number of topics. Ms. St. Cyr is a very intelligent, educated, talented beautiful redhead. She is very knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects and fields of endeavour. Ms. St. Cyr provides a confidential service for thousands of people that trust her. What is discussed goes no further. Think of her as a professional therapist, best friend, girl friend, confidant, personal trainer, tutor, partner, counselor, coach, instructor all rolled into one.

Only The Best For You!

Areas of expertise range from sexual role play development strategies, providing fashion and make up advice to the cross dressing community, discussion on all types of sexual fetishes, instructions for clients needing stress relief, or you just need a kind ear to listen to you. Ginger can talk to you, laugh with you and even cry with you. Ginger St. Cyr can help you. Click on the help button or live chat feature.